A blog without a niche.


Hi, I’m Bethany (Officially spelled with an “y” not an “i” or “Beth” by my Grandmother, who I adore.) One day, I’ll undoubtedly find my true niche in life, but for now, you’re stuck with random topics that interest me from day-to-day (they usually have good meaning behind them, I promise). Although this type of randomness drives my husband crazy, so I hope you can keep up.

I would call myself The Learner of all Trades. Born into technology (thanks to my brother, Wayne), I am an entrepreneur at heart. I’m drawn to knowledge, like a fly is to poo, but it’s so much sweeter! Mostly, I love to challenge the way we think and live life, in every way.

I like: Web 2.0 applications, Adobe products, manuals (yes, the booklet that usually comes with every cotton-pickin’ thing you buy), singing (try recording on, it rocks), writing, business seminars, meeting new people, finding new interest, reading books, sunny days, friends & family, my husband & my beautiful little girl.


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Looking to have a great time with my buddies and kicking some butt on the court!

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