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Make connections that count. Start Commenting.

Recently, I made a positive connection with someone I didn’t know online by simply commenting on a blog article. I thought her article had great meaning and stood out beautifully.

Daily, I am online surfing the Internet for alluring content to feed my brain. Not for any particular reason (sometimes), but for the sheer delight in knowing that I am learning about something or someone. However, no matter how superb the content (art) may be, almost 100% of the time I head over to the ‘About’ page and find out who is behind the art.

Blogging to some might be a personal journey. Writing for the grandparents in Hong Kong. Someone telling their life story to bring awareness. Or celebrating a birth of their unborn child.

To many others, it’s a mission to create, connect and inject.

Creating content and objects is an art that gives us ownership no one can give. Many hours of planning are incorporated beforehand so that they can deliver something spectacular to their guests, clients,  co-workers, family, friends, and competitors.

When connected with the reader (which is you), one of the feelings can be described as an entrepreneur who spent their lifetime creating something that will work for the consumer and received raving reviews for their efforts and success. Not only did the entrepreneur connect with his customers, but he was able to inject himself in a market that received him and responded.

I applaud those who put effort into making their dreams reality. For doing so, it takes much courage. Blasting their art online for millions of people to cast judgment.

We, as readers, should put just as much effort in commenting on their work efforts in making art for our entertainment/investment/growth of knowledge/stability/positivity/quality of life/etc. You fill in the blank. It really isn’t about numbers, it’s about making connections that count.

So what are you waiting for? Start commenting.


2 comments on “Make connections that count. Start Commenting.

  1. Frances antoinette
    May 9, 2012

    I like it when readers take the time to comment on my blog. Yes, it can be so easy to press the “Like” button, but adding input to a blog provides a special type of recognition to a blog entry.

  2. bnichefix
    May 12, 2012

    Absoultely! Providing feedback and interaction gives me such a boost!

    Thank you for commenting. (=

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