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Get support by asking permission

Too often we are rushed into making poor decisions based on the lack of information. Buying a car without knowing what’s under the hood. Dating someone we just met because of our so-called “gut feeling”. Frequently we forget to ask permission to gain the support we need in many of these cases. Or do they go hand-in-hand?

Numerous communities, schools, and work-forces are looking for methods to improve our way of life every day; even if we know it or not. Like offering better lunches to our children to help improve their body and mind. Companies providing advanced health insurance for their employees and their families. Yet, somehow we are missing two major links in the equation: support and permission.

The people who are trying to gain support don’t have the permission and people who have permission don’t have the support to make it happen. Many times it is the people behind the scenes that are never acknowledge. All of their hard work and commitment is to their fellow colleagues and usually for the company itself. They become the underdogs.

We need to interlock these two concepts and bring it to the table for everyone to have access. With the right chain of commands in various places, we can only imagine what kind of success our communities, schools, congressmen & woman, churches, work places and more could have with this kind of strategy.

As always, we want it in the right hands, but if we can keep our authorities in their proper places and everyone keeps an open mind, we can start a massive chain reaction that is needed in the world today.


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